MultiLED LT Mini

MultiLED LT Mini - small size big impact!

MultiLED produts cover all applications of high speed cameras and many applications in the machine vision market. Some family members e.g. cover sub microsecond exposure time, monochromatic light or give you enough light to fully close aperture at some microseconds exposure time. Designed from a decade of experience with thousands of customer projects in mind, MultiLed products off er ultra strong lighting at an affordable price.

MULTILED LT Mini - Keep it simple!

The MultiLED LT Mini is a variant of the MultiLED LT. It is a half sized MultiLED LT cicrcuit board w. 12 instead of 24 LEDs, in a small form factor housing. Includes 1 basic power supply, 4 m XLR cable to the lamp head.

Additional Facts

MultiLED LT Mini
Emitter 12 High Power Leds
Power Consumption 50W
Supply Voltage 24 Vdc
Bundled Power Supply Standard Table PS 24 V 120 W
Luminous Flux white, 3500 Lumen
Power Connector XLR 3 Pin
Heat Dissipation heat sink with 3 fan
Environmental temp. (operation) 0-40° C
Environmental temp. (storage) -15 -80° C
Overheat Protection Thermo switch 80°C (fuse 80°C before 1-oct-2011). Thermo switch turns o!power at 80°C and turns on when temperature falls < 60°C.
Environmental Protection as IP 20
Mounting Options bottom 3/8“ standard thread
Standard Lenses 15° full angle / round
Alternative Lenses 20°, 30°, 50°, 60°, 180°
Dimensions +/- 5mm 165x58x50 mm
Weight 600 g

Datasheet LT Mini

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