MultiLED L48-xF

MultiLED L48-xF - High Performance LED Solution

MultiLED produts cover all applications of high speed cameras and many applications in the machine vision market. Some family members e.g. cover sub microsecond exposure time, monochromatic light or give you enough light to fully close aperture at some microseconds exposure time. Designed from a decade of experience with thousands of customer projects in mind, MultiLed products off er ultra strong lighting at an affordable price.


  • For pulsed operation at low duty cycle only. With 8,5 kW output, e.g. at 8 kHz and 1 μs exposure time only 70 W are used.
  • Power consumption limited to 70 W.
  • Flat design (16 mm)
  • White or Color LED.
  • Very homogenous illumination.
  • 15°, 30°, 50°, 70° or 120° FWHM lenses available.
  • Pulsed by TTL pulse duration.
  • Power supply 60 W with 5 m cable with 2 x 4 Pin M8 connector included.
  • Housings for extreme performances available

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