What is Marathon PRO ?

Imagine having everything at a glance that happened in the last hours or even days. In high speed video from 1 to 36 hardware synchronized cameras. With frame synchronous measurement data acquisition at 2 MHz sampling rate. Just by clicking start and stop. Review a set of recordings from devices recorded synchronously by just one click.


  • set up the camera and use the pre/ post trigger mode with defined pre and post trigger time, to capture events without being present.
  • trigger by image trigger or the optional Triggerbox or Junctionbox.
  • set event markers and quickly recall them in the recording.
  • navigate through the recording by clicking the timeline or use the „jump to time of day“ or the jump to event marker“ functions.
  • control marathon pro from LabViev or any other application, use scripting to define automatic test procedures, and many more.
  • Use custom made image processing modules on your video data.
  • Use tailored white light interferometry devices to grab and process 3D surface data with micron or even nanometer accuracy

Recording Devices

  • High speed cameras
  • Frame synchronuous data aquisition
  • Image processing
  • Infrared cameras
  • The "JunctionBox" helps synchronizing existing devices as data loggers


  • Playback mode with timeline and instant access to any part of the recordings
  • Marker system: set frame markers from different sources, e.g. external TTL signals.
  • Non destructive overlay - add geometrical forms or text directly to the image, calibrate and measure distances, angles, velocity and frequency.
  • Non destructive image adjustments - enhance your images, by e.g. adjusting gamma or contrast or use false color mode.
  • Live waveform and histogram.

Data handling

  • Project structure : organize, edit, comment and complement your projects. Share and save your projects to external drives or even to your network
  • Batch rendering / crop modes: Select parts of the recording and or parts of the image and render them unattended.
  • Integrated rendering module to output selected sequences as AVI or single frame pictures. Every installed AVI codec (e.g. DivX) can be used.