MultiLED L5

MultiLED L5 - High Performance LED Solution

MultiLED produts cover all applications of high speed cameras and many applications in the machine vision market. Some family members e.g. cover sub microsecond exposure time, monochromatic light or give you enough light to fully close aperture at some microseconds exposure time. Designed from a decade of experience with thousands of customer projects in mind, MultiLed products off er ultra strong lighting at an affordable price.


  • Flat design for pulsed operation at low duty cycle or for short term use. Heat sink and fan for continuous use optional.
  • Optional heat sink and fan for continuousoperation.
  • White LED only.
  • Very homogenous illumination.
  • 15°, 30°, 50°, 60° or 115° FWHM lenses available.
  • OLED display and 3 button control.
  • Pulsed by TTL pulse duration, inverted TTL, pull up / pull down signal, selectable. Edge strobe mode with predefined pulse length and delay selectable.
  • Basic power supply 60 W with 5 m ODU push pull connector cable included.
  • Overdrive mode: At low duty cycle overdrive mode with up to 70.000 lm can be used.
  • Longer cables or other cable types on request
  • LiPo Battery pack on request.
  • HF option: 200 ns delay 500 ns rise time
  • IP67 housing optional
  • High-G housing optional (100G)

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